GSM Image Link
An image link is an essential part of KIDE, since it provides a concrete connection between the nine Crystals and the citizens of the European Cities of Culture in the Year 2000. In the vicinity of each KIDE there is a GSM Image Link kiosk with a camera and a monitor. A visual link to the other cities is established by touching the monitor screen.

The image link is implemented by Sonera Ltd`s GSM image transfer technology, in which image is transferred wirelessly on GSM connections. An image link implemented in this way is now offered for the first time to the public at large on such a wide and international scale.

GSM Image is a trade name for a low-rate GSM image transfer technique developed and patented by Sonera. In the service solution provided for Kide, a server located in Finland automatically establishes a connection with the GSM Image Link kiosks in the Cities of Culture. The video cameras arranged in the kiosks video Crystals and their surroundings for 15-30 seconds, and the recordings are stored on the server in Finland. On the same connection, the video recordings on the different cities transfer from the server to the hard disk of the PC of each kiosk. A visitor to the kiosk can thus view image from the other Crystals and cities simply by touching the monitor.

The connection between the server and the kiosk is established by making a call from an analog subscription to a GSM phone. The data transfer rate is 9.6 kbit, which at present is the highest transfer rate on GSM technology.

Sonera is the leading Finnish telecommunications company with subsidiaries or joint ventures with other operators in 14 countries. An international pioneer in the rapidly growing mobile, data and media communications sectors. In 1998 Sonera`s revenues totaled EUR 1,623 (FIM 9,648 million), and operating profit EUR 289 million (FIM 1,721 million). Sonera employs 9,000 people.


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