Association of European Cities of Culture of the year 2000
LAssociation des Villes Européennes de la Culture (lAVEC)
Stowarzyszenie Europejskich Miast Kultury roku 2000


The Association of European Cities of Culture 2000 had nominated the nine European Cities of Culture, i.e. Avignon, Bergen, Bologna, Brussels, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik, Santiago de Compostela and Krakow.

The AECCs objective is targeted at co-ordinating promotional activities and operations as well as a common information strategy.

AECCs Working Principles:

The AECC network is represented by the honorary chairmanship, secretarial and treasurers positions, which do not bear any liability except for the chairing position of the AECC responsible for organising a meeting of all nine cities at his location. Krakow chaired such a meeting between 9th to 13th July 1998.

The secretary city is the future chairing site of the AECC while the treasurer is the former chairing party. The rotation takes place every three and a half months.

A Brussels co-ordinator supervises the activities and operations of AECC. He is by no means above The Nine Cities but serves as a link connecting the related cities with the European Committee. This post is currently held by Ms Hilde Teuchies.