Mishima’s Women based on the works of Yukio Mishima 
- presentation of the Japanese Euro-Japan Theatre du Sygne

As listed in the Krakow 2000 Festival schedule, mid-September will be the time of the Krakow visit of the Euro-Japan Theatre du Sygne which has for the last five years been performing on the stages of Cities of European Culture dramas arranged especially for the individual cities. In Krakow, we shall see the productions of Mishima’s Women (to be shown also in Prague and Bologna.) The play is based on the works of Yukio Mishima (1925-1970), author of novels, plays, travel books, and short stories, who became known to Krakow audiences thanks to the productions by the Stary Theatre (previously Mishima – Four One-Act Plays, and Madame de Sade in the current repertoire.) A contemporary Japanese writer, Mishima consciously yields to Western influences, at the same time making enormous efforts to maintain his Japanese identity. Yet the main theme of the performances given by the Euro-Japan Theatre are the images of women in Mishima’s contemporary Noh plays. This is not a single standardised image of woman but rather a collection of eternal archetypes as perceived by Mishima. The director of the play is Mannojo Nomura, a member of the “dynasty” that has been passing the traditions of the Noh-Kyogen theatre from generation to generation for the last 600 years, and a man who has possesses profound and extensive knowledge of East Asian acting techniques. The authors of the production hope not only to reflect the mutual influence between the West and Japan but also between the West and the East.




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