28th, 29th June 7th Krakow Ballet Spring 
- the Ballet of the La Scala Opera (Milan)

The Ballet of the La Scala Opera are: Artistic Director and Leading Choreographer Patricia Roanne, Assistant to the Artistic Director and Instructor Choreographer Frederic Jahn, Head Instructor and Choreographer Grigore Vintoa, Choreographers: Gillian Whittingham and Maurizio Bellezza, Grand Prima Ballerina Aleksandra Fetti, Grand Premier Danseur (guest) Maximiliano Guerra, Roberto Bulte, and Massimo Murru. The corps of ballet includes three interpreting prima ballerinas, six premier danseurs (guests), seven premiére danseuses, seventeen soloist danseurs, as well as fifty-six danseurs, and seven stand-ins.

Organiser: Krakowska Fundacja Sztuki Baletowej (Krakow Foundation for Ballet Art)
Venue: J. Słowacki Theatre


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Supported financially by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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