Celebration of 20 Years of Solidarity Movement
exhibition: “Solidarities - Bringing down the Wall” (Nov. 8-Dec. 13)

organisers: Fundacja Centrum Dokumentacji Czynu Niepodległościowego, tel. 633-04-07, 633-63-77 wew. 23-99; Ośrodek Myśli Politycznej, tel./fax 422-88-85, 427-28-40, omp@omp.org.pl; Wydział Filozoficzny Papieskiej Akademii Teologicznej w Krakowie

The “The Road to Solidarity. Traditions of the Polish Anti-Communism” International Conference will be held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of establishing the Independent Self-Governing Solidarity Trade Union. The conference researches the question of importance of this huge Polish civic movement and its influence on other Communist countries and on the eroding of the totalitarian system. A separate day will be devoted to the phenomenon of Solidarity, which will also be the focal point of document exhibition to be organised in the Institut of John Paul II (ul. Kanonicza 18, Nov. 8-Dec. 13). A special source publication, titled Małopolska Resistance Movement in Sources and Documents 1977-89 and containing the fundamental documents of individual structures of the opposition movement (beginning with those connected to the Nowa Huta cross) within what later became known as the Małopolska Region of the Solidarity Trade Union.

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