“Respue quod non es” - Persius
T a l i A 4th feStivAl Of comEdy>
Tarnów 13th - 20th October 2000

TaliA, the world unique comedy festival consists of three acts:

Act I Prologue to the Comedy

presentation of the variety of forms employed by comism, satire, absurd, and grotesque in a variety of artistic forms of expression. There will also be the learned analysis of HUMOUR during the Humour in Culture: Culture of Humour session.

Act II The Tarnów TaliA

competition of comedy spectacles by Polish theatres,
competition of comedy writers (biennial: the coming edition will be held in the year 2001)

Act III Human Comedy

a display and exhibition: intellectual and a-semantic happening of the homo ludens and the homo ridens in search for the homo sapiens, etc. etc.: the artistic exemplification of the theme as ancient as humanity, that is the human comedy.

About the festival:

Why the Comedy? For it is needed. And difficult. Important as the artistic form of the ironic and satirical description of human and non-human affairs. This, at the same time, is the very form of theatre and all the arts that imposes the most demanding requirements on the artist and the spectator, both by its formal and intellectual aspect.

The best spectacles of the previous festivals:

TaliA‘97 - Mikołaj Gogol „Ożenek, dir. by Marek Fiedor; Teatr im. W.Horzycy (Toruń)
- William Shakespeare Measure for Measure, dir. by Tadeusz Bradecki ; Stary Teatr (Krakow)
TaliA‘99 - Yasmina Reza Art, dir. by Pawe
ł Mi¶kiewicz; Teatr Polski (Wrocław)


The author of the idea and screenplay: Andrzej Pacuła © - artistic director of the festival.
Organisers: Hetman Jan Tarnowski Foundation
Festival Bureau and Coordination: Department of Culture of the Municipality of Tarnów

Piotr Filip, director of the festival
Rynek 9, 33-100 Tarnów, Poland
phone/fax: +48 (14) 627 7744, +48 (14) 622 1058
e-mail: w.kultury@um.tarnow.pl, a.pacula@um.tarnow.pl
Festival website: http://www.tarnow.pl/kultura


The 4th TaliA Comedy Festival is dedicated to:
The ReMaInS of the thinKiNg ego... and the mind ... from bEhInd!