Krakow 2000 - International Architecture Preservation Conference

The works associated with the conference have been under way since 1997, and the project has engaged a number of eminent scientists who will conduct specialist seminars. During the conference, designed as an interdisciplinary forum, the views, crucial ideas, and requirements related to the protection of cultural heritage in the light of state-of-the-art knowledge on their preservation will be formulated and discussed. The meeting gathering participants representing numerous distinguished scientific organisations and institutions of Europe, aims primarily at the development of the preservation ideas brought forth in the documents of the historic Athens Charter of 1931, and of the Venice Charter of 1964. As early as November 1999, a seminar devoted to the issues of interventions in historical architectural ensembles, titled From Historical Relic to Creation will be held. The final recapitulation of the works performed in all the committees will be held in November 2000. This will also be the very time of constituting the KRAKOW 2000 Preservation Charter.


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