Tadeusz Kantor Festival Certeses Sentides - exhibition by Antonio Tapies

Presentations of artists connected with Tadeusz Kantor are organised as a tribute to the great artist. First of those is the exhibition by a famous Spanish artist, Antonio Tapies; it is titled Certeses Sentides (Certainty Discovered) and is the first individual presentation of the artist’s painting in Poland.

Tapies never studied painting. Art was his destiny. Already in his earliest works it is visible that he is interested in the tissue of the painting itself: he would put thick layers of paint on backgrounds whose broken structure resembled that of old walls. After the World War II he made friends with Joan Miró, who became a touchstone for him. Paintings and prints from that time verge on the surreal. Other artists important for Tapies were Picasso, Jean Dubuffet, and Jean Fautrier. In the 1950s, Tapies took to abstraction, and in 1952 at the Venice Biennial he was proclaimed the Spanish representative of informel. His artistic world is paining; included in it are murals, stained-glass, lithography, artistic books, objects, and assemblages made of the most varied everyday products, including empty tins and articles of clothing, and even ceramic sculptures.


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