Seven Traditions - concert series presenting the oldest traditions of sung prayer - Schola Węgajty, St. Michael Choir

Seven Traditions unveils the traditions of liturgical singing ever-present among various denominations. Suggested by Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński, the programme of the Seven Traditionsmakes Krakow better aware of its own, lasting and continuing musical traditions and assumes that religious communities will work on organisation, annotation, description, and promotion of their repertoires. The artists are to enter the everyday life of the community and play a live part in it by presenting their productions and concerts, or by working together on preparation of liturgy for principal holidays they take part in. Such meetings will reinforce venerable traditions with their talent and experience of contemporary performers of early music.

There will be seven meetings with ensembles playing early and religious music, beginning with the Schola of the Węgajty Village Theatre and St Michael’s Boy’ Choir from Tallin (Estonia) who will perform a Benedictine liturgical drama. In May, the members of the Paris Organumwill perform the Dominican chants for the Day of Transferring the Relics of St Dominic. In June, the Prague CapellaRegia Musicalis will stage a Jesuit oratory play, and the Byzantine Choir from Athens (Greece) will sing the nine-hour-long liturgy for the day of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul. A month later, Italian Micrologus ensemble will perform Franciscan laudes, and in September, the Great Mass in H minor by J. S. Bach will be presented by one of the world’s prime Baroque orchestras, La Petite Bande.

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