Tadeusz Kantor Festival - Tadeusz Kantor. Impossible

The Tadeusz Kantor. Impossible exhibition is concerned with an extremely important section of Tadeusz Kantor’s body of work, and though this part may be less known - due to the limited range and unique unrepeatable character of the actions taken - what it shows was the pacemaker marking the subsequent stages of the development of the artist’s personality. For the leading subject of the exhibition are happenings, actions, and paraconceptual projects. The presented implementations come from the period commenced with the Wystawa Popularna (Popular Exhibition, the Krzysztofory Gallery, 1963), and closed with the Wszystko wisi na włosku (Everything’s Hanging by a Thread, Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, 1973). For Kantor, this was a period of searching, creative growth, and discovery: liberation from the routine of artistic proceeding. It was then, as Kantor himself used to say, that he dared to set off to explore the yet uncharted regions, to the borders of the Impossible. Due to the character of works presented, the exhibition is largely based on documents, yet it is presented in an attractive multimedia form: huge blown-up photographs, video films, slide shows, traditional (16 mm) films, sound recordings, and CD ROM.


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