3rd International Biennial of Children’s Theatrical Puppet

All the Puppet of the World is the motto of the third Biennial of Theatrical Puppet. The first one, held in 1996, was devoted to the doll in Polish myth and legend, and the second one was held in honour of H.Ch.Andersen and his works. Apart from children from all over Poland, the third meeting with theatrical dolls invites children of the world. The event will be conducted in two stages: the first one (the so-called regional level) will be concluded in 1999. After the best works have been sent in to Krakow, the second stage will begin here to end in March 2000. The final competition will be held in May, and will be accompanied by a four-day artistic workshop for the award winning children. The most interesting works will be presented at the final exhibition, and published in a special catalogue.


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