THE Place - Territory MU FESTIVAL
14th-29th October

The Place - Territory MU - FESTIVAL was designed for the university students, mostly of artistic schools, from all over Poland as a place for meeting and confrontation of artistic stances and attitudes.

The organisers decided to display the works submitted in a way which they believe to be the most complete rendition of their diversity both in its material and the formal level. Active involvement of the spectator is expected here: the individual expositions are located all over the city, often far away from each other, and the schedule is brimming with the large accumulation of events and the short life of the individual exhibitions. Following the assumptions of the organisers, everyone will be able to explore the “territory” of the exhibitions in a manner most individual and dynamic and to create own interpretations of the expositions, being able to manoeuvre the potential of spatial and temporal values, thus forming own TERRITORIES OF ART.

Exposition in the Fort of St Benedict (Lasota Hill) from 14th to 19th October; opening of the Festival: 14th October, 6pm

Spatial installations constructed by composing a variety of visual structures and making use of the existing space available for creation of a certain semantic whole. The theme of the exhibition are the relationships formed between the context (the space of the fort) and the object placed in this context.

Exposition in the Gallery of the Solvay Contemporary Art Centre (ul. Zakopiańska 62) from 15th to 26th October; opening: 15th October, 8pm

Works in traditional techniques, ranging from oil painting, through printing (mezzotint) to drawing and photography.

Exposition in the Cloister of the Dominican Church and Convent (pl. Wszystkich Œwiętych) from 18th to 26th October; opening: 18th October, 4pm

Warmia - œwiątek - kapliczki (Warmia Region - Holy Figurines - Chapels) Exhibition of painting by members of the Scientific Circle of the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Warmia and Mazury. The authors have prepared their own interpretation of folk sculpture from the collection of the Museum of the Warmia and Mazury Regions.

Exposition in the “Pod schodami” Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts (pl. J. Matejki 13) from 18th to 26th October; opening: 18th October, 6pm

Apart from works in traditional techniques and installations, “Pod Schodami” will house the performance by Monika Socha, whose final product will be the object called Piłka prowokacji (The Ball of Provocation.)

Exposition in the “Pod Ręką” Club (pl. J. Matejki 4) on 28th October; opening: 28th October, 8pm

Presentation of those graphic activities which were submitted as video documentation, they include records of images completed earlier in the artists’ places of residence and of those created during the Festival.

Exposition in the Theatre Hall of the Solvay Centre (ul. Zakopiańska 62) on 29th October; presentation of paratheatrical activities and the closing of he Festival at 7pm.

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