7th June The Young in Krakow 2000: Theme with Variations

The project is composed of a series of three concerts held on the same day in three different venues. During the concerts, the young generation of music performers will present works written by young composers. The character and type of the works will vary. The central idea of the project is to adjust the character of the compositions to the places where they will be presented: sacred music in a church, concert music in a modern auditorium, and the avant-garde in an avant-garde music club. Thanks to such an arrangement, one will be able to recognise the variety of the works presented, and at the same time, the public will be given the opportunity to select the most interesting concert.

The element linking all the concerts and at the same time living in the tradition of the city of Krakow is the St. Mary’s Bugle Call, or a variation on its theme, performed at the beginning of each of the concerts.

Organiser: Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne S. A. (Polish Music Publishers)


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