A Day of Culture 2000 - Freedom of Speech and Dialogue.
Freedom at the Threshold of the Third Millennium - Opportunities and Threats - a conference

This international conference will be organised to fulfil the A Day of Culture 2000 – Freedom of Expression and Dialogue declaration. The conference will be composed of two sessions: Więzi kulturowe między narodami w Europie ¦rodkowo-wschodniej po upadku komunizmu – odbudowa zerwanych więzi czy pogłębianie się antagonizmów (Cultural Links between the Nations of Central and Eastern Europe after the Fall of Communism: Reestablishment of Broken Links or Deepening of Antagonisms) and Czy grozi nam tyrania wolno¶ci? (Are we Threatened by the Tyranny of Liberty?) Among the participants of the discussion, there will be the most recognised authorities and experts, university professors, and representatives of Scientific Academies from Europe and America.

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