Masters of Jazz
1st and 2nd July, open-air concerts in the Gardens of the Museum of Archaeology, admission free

1st July, 8.30 Night with the Stars

In this concert, whose name is so intriguing, eminent jazzwomen will perform. The Polish stars of the evening will be: Urszula Dudziak, a vocalist who deserved her nickname of the “Magic Lady”, used by Gil Evans to describe her virtually visionary use of electronic devices, and Gra¿yna Auguœcik who also lives and works mostly in the USA.

Rachel Z. is among the most famous piano players and composers of contemporary jazz, whereas Leni Stern, following in the footsteps of her famous husband, Mike, strengthens her position among jazz guitar players. The Austrian percussionist, Ingrid Maria Oberkannis specialises in playing Cuban, Brazilian, Indian, and African instruments, winning favourable comments at numerous festivals.

The roll of the foreign stars of the concert closes with two young and highly talented artists who stand at the threshold of great fame: Cecilia de Sci the percussion player, and Miriam Sullivan playing the double-bass who has already worked with Wynton Marsalis and other “great names.”

2nd July, 8.30 p.m. Yuri Yunakov’s Band, and Maciej Strzelczyk and Pierre Blanchard Quartet

Yuri Yunakov’s Band combines jazz and folk in its Balkan variety, whereas the latter part of the evening will be taken by the concert with the participation of two eminent violinists will be devoted to


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