International Street Theatre Festival, 6th - 9th June

This is the thirteenth time that the Krakow Main Market Square becomes the stage for street theatre companies. This year’s Festival, being a part of the Krakow 2000 Programme, will be an opportunity to see groups from France, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Finland, ... All the performances begin at 6 p. m.

LES TRETEAUX DU COEUR VOLANT (France) is one of the oldest and most highly appraised French street theatre groups (the theatre has continued since 1980), The troupe consists of actors, acrobats performing on the trapeze, tightrope walkers, jugglers, stilts-walkers, and pyrotechnic experts. They perform on their own stage: a rope attached to a lorry, where they perform plays consciously referring to the medieval carnival theatre. In Krakow, they will perform their latest production: Zinizin, or the history of five castaways from a fairly nondescript cataclysm, who are reborn in the eyes of the public thanks to the giant emerging from the crowd. Zinizin is not only a master show of acting and circus skills of the members of the troupe but also a highly poetic, magical, charming performance with both lyrical and comical moments, ended in a magnificent show of fireworks.

TITANICK (Germany) was established in 1990. Already their first performance made Titanick a star of greatest brightness on the stage of international street theatre. The company will present their latest production: Insect is a contemporary fairy tale telling the story of a small insect commune, entangled in the dramatic clash between nature and technology, where existence is threatened with abuse of power and greed.

COMPAGNIE LES PASSE MURAILLES Pascale Rousseau (France) For 10 years, the artist has presented her unique performance at the world’s greatest festivals. Suspended under a balloon soaring 1200 metres over the ground, she performs a breathtaking air ballet on a trapeze. Transitory Moment, the performance the artist will present in Krakow, is, to quote her own words: “a moving caress of the wind, and a vertigo in the air-filled space.”

THE LVIV THEATRE VOSKRESINNIA (Ukraine) was founded in 1990. Its theatrical work is inspired by the psychological and visual method, whose source is the school of Stanislavsky and Kurbas and the symbolism of Eastern art. They will present their production of The Saint and the Sinful or Life on the Garbage, combining elements of dramatic theatre with the theatre of movement displayed against magnificent sets, and dynamic music pointed with captivating special effects.

THE KIEV EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE (Ukraine) has operated since 1993. The company will present Dreams, a production beginning in a grand parade that brings to the mind the Carnival in Venice, and ending in the show merging into a concert. The heart of the show is love, of great importance are the props, costumes, and masks making reference to the folklore character of the play. The gusto of the choreography, including stilts dancing, pyrotechnic FX, and fire is also highly commendable.

SENZA TEMPO (Spain) has been one of the most famous Catalan theatres since its establishment in 1990. The company see no borders between theatre, dance, and life. Their performances combine poetic logic, surprise, and amazement, fuelled up with subtle humour, often bringing confusion and wonder. They will present a production titled Lazurd being a tale of an extraordinary travel through life. Commencing in the slow, dreamlike, mode, it transforms into a frenetic merriment and sprightly dance: and all this displayed before the very eyes of the spectators in a huge pool being filled up with water. The water that becomes the symbol of existence, movement and freedom here.

SIRIUS TEATERN (Finland) is an independent theatrical troupe that has operated since 1992. They are trying to touch the most significant problems of the reality that surrounds them. Their performance, Martin Luther and Thomas Münzer is a part of the official programme of Helsinki 2000 and will be presented in all the nine European Cities of Culture. This is the story of a troupe of actors - jesters who travel all over the world to tell the tale of the two main protagonists and the discord within the Catholic Church. The play is understandable for any public, independent of age and nationality. The gravity of the subjects mentioned laid aside - the fast pace, medieval music, jugglers, clowns, fire eaters, and tightrope walkers are responsible for your magnificent time.

Performing in Krakow together with the MUSICANOVA company (Italy), EUGENIO BENNATO is an outstanding composer, author of numerous film and ballet soundtracks; though not too-well-known in Poland, he is a highly praised and recognised artist in Italy. He released numerous records and all have won favourable reviews among the critics and have been warmly received by the listeners. MUSICANOVA is an ensemble presenting ethnic music in a modern way.

ALEXEI MERKOUSCHEV (Russia/Germany) is a founder of the Derevo Theatre and one of the men behind its most renowned productions. At the moment, he is working on his own, presenting his theatre based on the most splendid technical proficiency and brilliant narrative ideas. He enriched the acting skills of the Derevo Theatre with his overview of reality, shunning neither the basic questions of philosophy nor the crude grotesque. He will present the play titled Great Pain of a Small Heart based on improvisation, interaction, and dialogue with the public. There is nothing in the performance that wouldn’t be decided beforehand: even the music is played live by an actor-musician.

TEATR SNÓW (THEATRE OF DREAMS, Poland) was established in 1986. The company resorts to movement and images which they fall back on to tell simple stories which, nevertheless, have deeper sense.

Their newest street production titled Ksiêga utopii (The Book of Utopia): a tale of man incessant in his will to amend the world. The yearning to create an ideal space for life, and about attempts to take man into the interstellar realms. The show takes place on moving stages and towers.

TEATR ANIMACJI (Poland) will present Nas tu ju¿ nic nie ma (There is Nothing of us Left Here Anymore) a tale about the world which departed into the non-being during the War, and which still is the reason for such moving emotions. The performance was inspired by the works of I. B. Singer, and especially his story of Gimpel the Fool. The Jew - Eternal Wanderer turns up among people - Gimpel - Job. He is led by a bandsman - Fiddler on the Roof - Echo of the Bygone Days. They are followed by a throng of memories: people of Be³z. The time of the performance is the time of spirits: shadows of the past. It is composed of four parts: Faith, Hope, Love, and Death.

TEATR BRAMA (THE GATE THEATRE, Poland) was established in 1996, it gathers secondary school and university students, and working young adults. As for now, the young artists have been playful, claiming that there will come a time for reflection. They are going to present Zabawa (Amusement) by Mro¿ek, or the story of three farmyard lads.

Teatr SANDIMAY (Turkey) was established in 1996. It participated actively in numerous European theatrical festivals. Their production of Death - Purification - Birth is a fascinating tale of the human being and the ties that bind us with nature. The enterprise alludes to Turkish legend, music, dance, and colours.


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