POWER OF CUSTOM (14th July - 30th October)
organiser: Muzeum Historyczne (Museum of History), Rynek Główny 35, phone: +48 (12) 422 9922 venue: Stara Synagoga (Old Synagogue), ul. Szeroka 24

The Museum of Judaic Art in Krakow is the only museum in Poland to present the history and culture of Jewish population. It is located in the 15th-century Old Synagogue, situated in Krakow’s district of Kazimierz. The main part of the exhibition is arranged in the main prayer room, furnished with the metal Bimah, Al-Memor (place where religious rituals are held), decorated Renaissance altar for the Torah scrolls, and a 17th-century stone alms box, and in the adjacent 16th-century cantors’ hall. Displayed in the rooms are objects of craft: on the one hand these are ritual objects among which there are e.g. holiday toys, and on the other works of Polish and Jewish painters (including Malczewski, Kossak, and Gottlieb). For the needs of the Power of Custom, the permanent exhibition will be complemented with paintings and drawings focusing on the religious worship and Jewish tradition and customs, created by the best Polish and Jewish artists.

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