(17th July - 13th August)

Muzeum Narodowe (National Museum), Al. 3. Maja 1, phone: +48 (12) 634 3377
organiser: Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences

In July (from 26th to 29th) Krakow will host the Congress of the European Society of Social Anthropologists. Its participants will reflect on the work of Bronis³aw Malinowski, and one of the sessions will be devoted to the theme of Spirituality and Creativity. The Congress will be accompanied by a photographic exhibition presenting unknown and unpublished photographs by Bronis³aw Malinowski and photographs of Witkacy from the collection of London School of Economics taken by the famous sociologist during his field study in Australia. The exhibition is to present two eminent people of science and art: the founder and classicist of world culture anthropology, and an avant-garde artist: their childhood, friendship, journey to Australia, and later disputes. Among other exhibits, there will be paintings, drawings, books, texts, and theatrical props.


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