Krakow 2000 Dance Festival

The beginnings of contemporary dance reach back to the mid-19th century. Yet, a break in its understanding was done by the American artists of the 1960s and 1970s who “coining, together with painters, actors, and musicians, new notions of happening and performance art liquidated also the divide into dance and non-dance movements, which favoured the gradual dissolution of borders between the individual arts. (...) Today, dance covers a vast scope of ideas and undergoes another period of creative quests.” (Jacek £umiñski, the Director of the Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom)

From 1st to 17th July, Krakow 2000 Dance Festival will be held in Krakow. The performers will be dance ensembles from all over the world; among their number we shall see:

Velcro Integrated Dance Company (United Kingdom, 1st July) represents a wholly new and original approach to the dance theatre: it is based on the search of a dancer in every person. They make the spectator forget the differences that divide the handicapped and non-handicapped.

Compagnie Philippe Saire (Switzerland, 5th July) works with its own Sevelin 36 theatre in Lausanne, and performs at exhibitions, contemporary art galleries, and in the streets.

Ataraxia (an international project, 7th July) is the ensemble that gathers dancers from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands and was founded by Galina Borissova, a Bulgarian choreographer. To launch the project, she used the money she had won in the International Choreographers’ Competition in Groningen.

Randy Jame’s Dance Works (USA, 11th July) is an ensemble managed by a teacher and choreographer of world renown: Randy Jame who, in his productions, tries to build up an image of a society together experiencing the joys and sorrows. Coupled with risky pirouettes, falls, and leaps, these sensuous movements make life presented in this way appear carnal, and at the same time full of feeling and captivating.

Korona (Denmark, 12th July) is a culture society established in Aarhus (Denmark) in 1993. The goal of the society is to allow the handicapped to participate in the cultural and theatrical life. Korona works on the achievement of a professional level, bringing down the barriers between the handicapped and those non-handicapped.

Adekwhat / Philippe Blanchard (Sweden, 13th July). Philippe Blanchard worked with the most significant choreographers and ensembles in Europe, including the Dutch Dance Theatre, Batsheva Dance Company, and the Cullberg Ballet. The features characteristic for his dance are musicality and physicality, and also the highly elegant humour. Adekwhat is the group that Blanchard established to implement his new ideas. These are not only dancers that are to be found among the performers.

Jose Limon Dance Company (USA, 14th July): the ensemble was established by an eminent dancer and choreographer, Jose Limon (1908-1972). As one of the prime names in American dance, Limon used his work of a choreographer to introduce changes in the perception of the male dancer. In 1946 together with Doris Humphrey, who became the artistic director, he established his own dance group. His dance technique is based on the style and philosophy of theatre as professed by the harbingers of contemporary dance: Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. In the early 1930s they stood in opposition to the principles of the classical ballet. It was their intention to present the human emotions in a less-stylised manner than it was accepted in ballet, and to introduce natural movements of the body. The words and ideas that describe this technique best are: humanism, use of breath, musicality, lyricism, and dramatism. Nevertheless, what became most important was the presentation of the physical expression of the human spirit.

Other participants of the Festival will include: Polski Teatr Tañca - Balet Poznañski (Polish Dance Theatre - Poznañ Ballet), Uri Ivgy Dance Company (Israel/the Netherlands), GTW Pl (Poland), Alter (Poland), League “Level 14”/Aries (Ukraine), Random Dance Company (UK), Battery Dance Company (USA), Joe Alter Dance Company (USA/Poland), Central Europe Dance Theatre (Hungary), Sara Gebran/Public Eye (Denmark), Ellen Cornfield (USA), Neta Pulvermacher (Israel/USA), Anjika (India), and Cie Willi Dorner (Austria).

Performances will be held on the Wyspiañski Stage of the Dramatic Academy (PWST) and in the Nowohuckie Culture Centre. Tickets to the Fesival and to individual events are available from the box offices of PWST, Nowohuckie Culture Centre, and the Cultural Information Centre.


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