Codex Calixtinus - concert of medieval liturgical music

The idea of a concert of medieval sacred music composed to honour St James was born in Krakow. With active co-operation of other European Cities of Culture 2000 that is Bologna, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik, and Santiago de Compostela, the music contained in the 12th-century manuscript, known as the Codex Calixtinus was reconstructed. The manuscript itself is stored in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, and closely related to the worship of its patron.

The Codex consists of five books, and among other material, contains legends connected with St James and the miracles he made, as well as a rich repertoire of liturgical music. The music it contains are both monodic Gregorian chants, and approximately twenty doubled compositions.

Yet, the way to play the music which used to accompany St James Procession called for ‘cracking’ of the notation contained in the ancient manuscript. That is how it is possible for is today’s interpretation and rendering to follow the 12th-century guidelines, and the concert will be the crowning of music research conducted under the eye of Damien Poisblaud. The work will be performed by a group of six cantors, accompanied in each city by the local male and boys choir. In Krakow, these will be the Krakow Philharmonic Male and Boys’ Choir.


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