Orthodox Church Music Festival

This year’s Festival of Orthodox Church Music was prepared especially for the Krakow 2000 Festival. Leading Polish and foreign choirs, specialising in performing Orthodox Church music, will perform works of the Orthodox musical heritage composed from the 16th century to contemporary times. The concerts will include an anthology of Orthodox Church Hymns, Old Russian chants from the 16th and 17th centuries, monastic chants composed from the 17th to 20th century, Ukrainian Christmas carols, and works by the classics of Orthodox Church Music.

The Festival will begin with the concert by the L. Revutsky Boyan Male Choir from Kiev - the only ensemble in Ukraine to cherish and develop the great tradition of all-male choral singing. Among the performers, there will be: “Yoan Kukuzel - Angeloglasniyat” Chamber Ensemble (Joann Kukuzel with Angelic Voice) Chamber Choir -from Sofia (Bulgaria) conducted by Dmytriy Dimitrov and the Holiday Male Choir of the Stauropigial Svyato-Danilovsky Monastyr from Moscow, conducted by the monastery’s cantor, Georgi Safonov. The latter ensemble carries out its daily performances at the official seat of the Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia. Poland will be represented by the Male Orthodox Church Music Ensemble performing under Father Jerzy Szurbak and composed of professional singers (operatic and philharmonic), selected for the timbre of their voice. The Festival will close with a concert by the Drevnerusskiy Rosspev (Old Russian Chorale) Moscow Patriarchate Choir conducted by Anatoliy Grindienko. The ensemble, grouping twelve singers from various Orthodox Churches, has introduced to stages of the world Old Russian chorales, previously known only to the world of Old Believers, and the works of early Orthodox polyphony, the so-called strochnoe p’enye.


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