Find - exhibition of Finnish Applied Art

Find - Finnish Design 2000 is an exhibition born in Helsinki to open in all the nine Cities of Culture of the year 2000. Presented here, are state-of-the-art Finnish industrial forms: furniture, textiles, works of arts and crafts, and designs of objects. The exhibits presented are a review of Finnish firms, mostly small and medium sized. More than 30 companies involved in the event have invited leading designers to create, for the purpose of the exhibition, modernised versions of actual mass-produced objects. One of the assumptions here is the presentation of objects which were earmarked for series production. The "democratic" character of contemporary design is emphasised by copying of the exhibition itself, so that - much like films on their first nights - it can be simultaneously be made available to spectators in different parts of the world.

The minds behind the presentation are professor Erkki Ruuhinen (famous graphic artist collaborating with top Finnish companies, author of media and graphic designs of the Find), professor Juhani Salovaara (a recognised representative of the first generation of Finnish industrial form designers, also known for his  arrangements of exhibitions, including the Find), and Arja Hörhammer (member of the Designers Forum who has organised exhibitions for 20 years and is a coordinator of the Find.) The three authors have been faced with questions concerning primarily the form of the presentation, yet in a wider aspect also the entire modern design, its role in the contemporary art, justifications and reason behind such an exhibition making links between the artistic and commercial dimensions. Originally a narrow marginal activity on the border between crafts and arts concentrating on the attractiveness of a given object, design has grown over the last century into a complex process influencing individual stages of production. Hence the concept of the exhibition assumes presentation of ready-made objects, yet in a wide context, that is from the earliest design made by the artist, through the consecutive stages of production, to product marketing in the end. Hence the idea to clone the exposition, corresponding closely to the character of objects presented.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 2nd February, 2000 - simultaneously in all the European Cities of Culture of the year 2000. The event is organised by the Helsinki 2000 Festival Bureau and has recommendations of the Committee of Aplied Art of the Finnish Art Council.

Manggha Centre for Japanese Art and Technology, ul. M. Konopnickiej 26, phone: (12) 267 2703, and 267 3753
Open: Tue. - Sun.: 10 a.m. 6 p.m.

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