Andre Delvaux

Andre Delvaux is considered the leading name in Belgian film in the recent years. Director author of screenplays, and actor, Delvaux was born in 1926 in Heverie (Belgium). Before he took to making feature films, he studied German language and culture, law, the piano, and composing. His first films were prepared for television. It was only in 1965 that he had his debut full-length feature film: Man with Shaved Head, which was highly successful in Belgium and abroad. His third film, Appointment in Bray, was competed for the Golden Bear during the 1971 Berlin competition, while the his latest, The Abyss competed for the Palm d’Or 1988 in Cannes. Among Delvaux’s most famous films there are also: One Night... a Train, The Beauty, Babel Opera, and Benvenuta. In 1976, during the 13th International Short Film Festival, the Polish cinema goers had a chance of watching his short film Dierick Bouts about a 15th-century Flemish painter.


Films to be presented during the revue:
Man with Shaved Head (L’Homme au crâne rasé) 1965
One Night... a Train (Un soir, un train, 1968)
Appointment in Bray (Rendez-vous à Bray, 1971)
The Beauty (Belle, 1973)
Femme entre chien et loup (Een vrouw tussen hond en wolf, 1979)
To Woody Allen from Europe with Love (1980)
Benvenuta (1983)
Babel Opera (1985)
The Abyss (also known as L’Oeuvre au noir, Polish title Kamień Filozoficzny, 1988)
Dierick Bouts (short film)

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