Tadeusz Kantor Festival: Memory/Loss 
- installation by Robert Wilson
(9th-31th December)
The Krzysztofory Gallery, ul. Szczepańska 2
organisers: Tadeusz Kantor Foundation, 
ul. Sienna 7 and Change Performing Art - Milan (Italy)

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tadeusz Kantor’s death, Memory/Loss an installation by Robert Wilson awarded during the Venice Biennial, will be presented in the Krzysztofory Gallery. Since 1970 when Wilson presented his spectacle Deafman Glance to the public the artist (born in 1941) has been claimed one of the most unique representatives of avant-garde in theatrical and visual arts. He had not been involved in theatre until he met a deaf and mentally handicapped boy, Raymond Andrews. Together with the boy and Byrd Hoffman, therapist working through dance and movement, Wilson created the Theatre of Silence in the late 1960s. His spectacles, often defined as the “theatre of images,” concentrate around movement, light, and non-verbal communication between people. In the 1990s, Robert Wilson directed operas from the classical repertoire. His study of painting and architecture certainly shaped his artistic imagination and allowed him to create a far wider variety of visual works than just those he needed to provide for his stage works: Wilson’s drawings, sculptures, paintings, objects and installations are to be found in the collections of the most famous galleries and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Wilson is also the author of numerous artistic films, recorded either on film, or as TV image, or as video. Like the works he created in all the other arts, also these brought him numerous international prizes and awards. Awarded the Golden Lion (the main prize for sculpture) in 1993 in Venice, Wilson’s famous Memory/Loss installation was inspired by a letter the artist received from Heiner Müller in 1987. It included the description of a torture that Mongols used to subject their slaves to in order to deprive them of memory. Wilson made his work an homage to Tadeusz Kantor and used one of Kantor’s theatrical objects to produce the installation, thus emphasising his admiration for the Polish artist.

Robert Wilson came to Poland twice in 1997. In summer, he presented Hamlet: A Monologue in Warsaw, and gave a lecture in the Stary Theatre in Krakow in December; during the latter visit in the International Cultural Centre, he received the Tadeusz Kantor Award from the hands of Maria Stangret-Kantor and Professor Jacek Purchla presiding over the awarding committee.

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