Court Dance Festival

The Court Dance Festival, whose form took root in Romana Maciuk-Agnel’s mind, is a fascinating journey through time. In the natural historic scenery of the Wawel Castle courtyard, the Collegium Maius quadrangle, and św. Magdaleny square we will watch scenes and ceremonies held in the days when court custom and code were the guide to the world of human emotions. Reconstructed from treatises and etchings, and conjectured from the rhythms pervading early music, court dance is capable, as the organisers hope, to present the royal past of Krakow. Historical dance requires the choreographer to curb the imagination and surrender to the constraints of bygone figures. There have not been many dance companies to have succeeded within the field of this extraordinary archaeology of movement and body. The most carefully selected of those will perform in Krakow: Le Bal Pare from France, Folia from the Netherlands, and the Polish Ardente Sole of Romana Maciuk-Agnel.



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