Audio Art

This year’s 8th Audio Art Festival is a joint project of the “Muzyka Centrum” Artistic Association and the Krakow Branch of the Goethe Institut entered into the agenda of the Krakow 2000 Festival.

The event, taking part mostly at weekends, will present a range of modern arts, with special emphasis laid on the Audio Art trend, combining sound with the visual arts.

Audio Art began towards the end of October with a solo concert/performance by Blixa Bargeld from Berlin, yet the main block of the Festival begins on 3rd November; the opening event will be the concert by Richard Bologna in Goethe Institut. The artist will perform with his array of virtual computer instruments, with the most famous one - the Radio Baton, constructed by Max Mathews. Pieces performed will include Shadows for violin and Radio Baton.

Zdzisław Piernik and Sławek Janicki are an uncommon duo who will be performing in the Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery. Piernik is a virtuoso tuba player, the man behind the unique preparation of the instrument, and the addressee of works written by a number of contemporary composers. The other half of the duo, Sławek Janicki plays the double bass and represents the jass style; he is one of the founders of the Bydgoszcz club “Mózg”.

The first day of the Festival will close in a concert by Robert Rutman: an outstanding American composer living in Berlin who will bring to Krakow instruments he has constructed himself.

On Saturday, 4th November, two Swiss artists will be performing in the Goethe Institut: an eminent composer and professor of the Basle Conservatory, Thomas Kessler, and a young pianist, Dominic Blum, will present the Polish premiere of the famous Piano Control for piano and synthesiser by T. Kessler. In the latter part of the evening, we will hear the sounds of original instruments/objects by a German artist, Stephan Froleyks from Bedburg-Hau.

Sunday, 5th November, will be the day of a concert announced for many years - the performers will be the Paris-based Meta Duo: Daniel Kientzy and Reina Portuondo. Kientzy is one of the few ‘universal’ saxophone players, playing all types of the instrument. Combination of the saxophone with the sound of a multi-channel computer system will be an event of most unusual rank.

The subsequent festival event will be highly spectacular, as it will be held... inside the instrument known as... genius loci, a device constructed for one of the greatest Audio Art artists, Horst Rickels.

After a four-day break, the Festival will make its come back with the concert by Contemporary Music Ensemble - an American trio from Central Washington University (Mia Spencer (soprano,) Mark Polishook (piano, electronics,) and Andrew Spencer (percussion)) held in Goethe Institut.

There will also be a presentation of the world-unique project by Zbigniew Karkowski, Vladimir Grafov, Rolf Biemelt, and Ulf Bilting (Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm) from the borderland between art and parapsychology. This will be Psychofon - Bezcielesne Głosy (Psychophone - Incorporeal Voices) computer installation making use of state-of-the-art computer and laser equipment.

Later, guests of the Festival will include Francisco Lopez from Madrid (presents spectacles in total darkness, while his sounds come e.g. from the depths of the sea,) Evan Parker’s Trio established by a recognised London saxophone player, and Robin Minard, an eminent Canadian artist living in Weimar (he will fill the inside of the Bunkier Sztuki with unbelievable numbers of minute loudspeakers arranged into patterns on the floor, walls, and ceiling.)

An original project will take place on 11th November, at 11pm the 45 bells of the centre of Krakow will peal the Symphony of the Bells of the City (Symfonia Dzwonów Miasta) composed by a Spanish artist, Llorenc Barber.

Audio Art will end with the presentations of the experimental improvised music trend, in the Miasto Krakoff Club: the Stuckonceiling trio from Szczecin, the Mołr Drammaz trio from Katowice (after a great success they made at the Expo in Hanover,) a Seattle guitar player, Bill Horist, and New Blood - an outstanding Australian group from Melbourne.

Tickets to individual events at PLN 20, and tickets to the whole Festival at PLN 150 are available from the Goethe Institut, Rynek Gł. 20.

November 3
Richard Boulanger

virtual instruments

20.00, Bunkier Sztuki 
ławek Janicki
tuba, double-bass

Bob Rutman (Berlin) 
concert, installation

November 4, 
18.00, Goethe-Institute
Thomas Kessler/Dominic Blum

Piano Control and others

Stephan Froleyks 

new instruments

November 5
18.00, Bücklein Theatre 

Meta Duo
saxophones, electronics

20.00, Bunkier Sztuki 
Horst Rickels

external organ - genius loci

Elwiera Wersche (Neuen) 

November 10
18.00, Goethe-Institute
(Ellensburg) Mia & Andrew Spencer, Mark Polishook
percussion, computers

19.30, Bunkier Sztuki 
(Tokyo, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam)
performance, laser installation (till November 12)

21.00, Bücklein Theatre 
Francisco Lopez

Azoic Zone - concert,nstallation

November 11
18.00, Miasto Krakoff 

Evan Parker Trio
sax, drums, bass

20.00, Bunkier Sztuki 
Robin Minard
(Montreal, Weimar) 
(till November 12)

23.00, Main Square outdoor 
Llorenc Barber

City Bells Symphony

November 12, 
18.00, Miasto Krakoff
g (Szczecin) 

sax, guitar, drums, electronics

Mołr Drammaz (Katowice) 
voice, electronics

Bill Horist (Seattle) 
guitar, electronics

November 15,
20.00, Miasto Krakoff
New Blood
saxes, drums


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