Virtual Reconstruction of Krakow

This project focuses on the creation of a 3D model of Krakow from the Romanesque period (from the 11th to the 13th century.) Apart from architecture, the presentation concentrates on the contemporary layout of the city, as well as on the road grid and the ecosystem; all the above are based on the latest research and scientific hypotheses. Reconstruction will concentrate primarily on those sites which either have not survived to our time, or have been only partially preserved. The presentation is an interactive programme allowing for visiting the city: one would be able to stroll all over the Main Market Square, follow the Royal Route, take a cruise along the Vistulas old riverbed, and also to see ancient Krakow from birds eye view. The virtual reconstruction will be displayed in the Wawel Royal Castle; the commercial version of the program will be available on CD-ROMs.

Organiser: MM Interactive, from June 2000

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Supported financially by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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