Kraków: The Polish Chapter in European Heritage - book

The variety of influences and cultures has accompanied Krakow from its earliest days. It was still in the Middle Ages that Krakow became counted among European cities of highest importance, its 1247 urban layout bearing testimony to that. In the medieval interior of the Wawel cathedral, whose architecture reminds of both French and German cathedrals, we can discover outstanding works of European art dating back to a variety of periods and regions.

In the 15th century, Krakow was among the most affluent metropolises of Central Europe. Not only was it a capital of a European superpower but also a prosperous international trade centre, and a member of the Hanseatic League. During the reign of Jagiellons, Krakow became an important centre of culture and art; being the capital of a vast empire, its influence reached Lithuania and Ruthenia.

The book is an attempt at interpreting the European ties of Krakows heritage over the ages. For the Polish reader it lays precise and emphasises the connections between Krakow and Europe, revealing the Polish heritage against a wide cultural background. To foreign readers, the book will present the place of the spiritual capital of Poland in the history of the Continent.

The multimedia program, presenting the European culture heritage of Krakow, used also during meetings and lectures promoting the book, will be an additional enhancement of the books message.

Date: The Year 2000,
Organiser: International Culture Centre

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